Figurine de Tantron

Statuette d'éléphant pouvant devenir grandeur nature


Power (Conjuration) Encounter (Standard Action)
Use this figurine to conjure Tantron, a huge elephant that appears to be made of black marble (see below for statistics). As a free action, you can spend up to two healing surges when activating this item; each one gives the elephant temporary hit points equal to your healing surge value.

Huge natural animate (mount)

HP 50; Bloodied 25 Initiative as conjurer
AC 29, Fortitude 32, Reflex 26, Will 26 Perception+13
Speed 8, swim 6

Standard Actions
Stamp At-Will
Attack: Melee 1 (one creature); +19 vs. AC
Hit: 2d12 + 8 damage and the target is knocked prone.

Triggered Actions
Trampling Charge (mount) At-Will
Trigger: Tantron is charging while mounted by its owner.
Effect: Tantron can move through one Medium or smaller creature’s space and make a stamp attack against that creature. Tantron must end its move in an unoccupied space, and the rider still attacks at the end of the mount’s movement.


  • Once per day, Tantron can travel to any teleportation circle whose sigil sequence you have memorized, as per the Planar Portal ritual. You must be resting on or in the howdah, and you and any other creatures on Tantron travel with him. Tantron requires 10 minutes to complete the transition.
  • When you summon Tantron, he appears with a howdah that acts as a Mordenkainen’s mansion (described on page 167 of the Player’s Handbook), except that it’s even more lavish, with a courtyard, fountains of water and wine, and a full staff of noncombatant servants. The mansion lasts as long as Tantron is active, but creatures can’t remain inside when Tantron becomes a figurine.
  • Tantron can remain in elephant form as long as you wish. A minor action is sufficient to turn him back into a figurine.
  • Tantron benefits from Shadow Walk (Player’s Handbook, page 312); multiply Tantron’s overland travel speed by 5.

Str 26 (16); Dex 16 (11); Wis 10 (8)
Con 22 (14); Int 5 (5); Cha 15 (10)
Alignment Unaligned Languages -


Sur commande, cette lourde statuette d’éléphant faite de marbre noir peut prendre la taille de l’animal en question. Sous cette forme, Tantron semble vivant, mais est difficilement contrôlable. Il aime particulièerement piétinner les créatures plus petites que lui et détruire les objets de valeur. Par contre, il déteste être enfermé à l’intérieur ou dans des souterrains.

Figurine de Tantron

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